Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Hear it for Percy Jackson!

I share a love of good fiction with my daughter and PERCY JACKSON is indeed a great read! As a jewelry artisan, it was so much fun reading about the beads earned in Camp Half-Blood. No surprise - it got my creative juices going. Being a stickler for keeping it "true to the book", it took about a month to design, conceptualize and produce it (what with my daughter's gimlet eye). The end result is a collectible work of art for serious Percy Jackson followers (not a cheap trinket to be discarded after a while) .... and well, here it is!


Are you a demigod in training? Or are you simply a devoted fan of the Greek Gods? Either way, you can’t leave Camp Half Blood without one of these!
Here is an authentic replica of Percy’s own necklace showcasing the major events of each year at camp. Each double-sided bead is made from polymer clay (consisting of pigmented PVC particles bound with plasticizer). The following are carefully sculpted on one side of the bead: 

Percy Jackson Necklace Camp Half Blood Beaded Cord

Ø  From the Lightning Thief, we have the trident, which signifies Poseidon’s son’s arrival to camp.  Hand formed and stained with green metallic paint, each trident sits on a black disc antiqued with gold dust.  
Ø  From the Sea of Monsters, we have the Golden Fleece, used to strengthen Camp Half Blood’s borders. Sculpted in the traditional form of a golden ram being sacrificed to Zeus, its fleece was highly sought after and led to several quests (e.g. Jason & the Argonauts).
Ø  From the Battle of the Labyrinth, we have a replica of the Labyrinth - Daedalus’s  greatest invention that could only be navigated by Ariadne’s string (and currently Rachel Elizabeth Dare). The maze echoes the warm colors of gold and red, found in the book.
Ø  For Percy’s final adventure, The Last Olympian, we have the Empire State building, where the final stand for Mount Olympus takes place. Here we’ve sculpted the top of the Empire State building at dusk, surrounded by the names of the dead, written in gold ink.

The corresponding book cover images are carefully burnished on the other side of each bead, framed in clay, antiqued, fired in the oven, sanded and repeatedly glazed (at least 5 coats) to a glossy shine. This makes each bead reversible, allowing the bearer much flexibility in wearing it.

Percy Jackson Necklace Camp Half Blood Beaded Cord

Because each bead is hand made, minor imperfections are part of its charm, and no two will be exactly alike. You will receive something very similar to the item pictured, but not exactly the item pictured. Please make allowances for artistic freedom and understand that slight variability in the beads is to be expected. 

It takes about a week, from start to finish, to complete a custom bead. With a built-in hole for a headpin, each bead pivots freely. Strung together with a 100% dark brown cowhide leather cord (thickness at 3 mm diameter -one of the thickest in the market today; beware of substandard copies), each necklace measures 44 cm long and is equipped with a 4 cm chain capable of extending its length to 48 cm. A lobster claw clasp provides a low-profile and secure fastening.  Each bead is firmly attached to a pewter bail with a split ring, ensuring it stays in place. The result is a beautiful, chunky, unique memento of an incredibly well-written series of books by Rick Riordan.

The necklace can be ordered at Just Charming!

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