Friday, December 4, 2009

Harry Potter Jewelry Gift Ideas

As an adult fan, the Harry Potter series has inspired me to create a  charm collection of jewelry and accessories. Charm bracelets are interesting because they can re-tell a story or play with a recurrent theme that interests the wearer... and what a story Harry Potter has! When creating one of my bracelets, I was limited only by space and somewhat by weight  (don't want too heavy a thing on your wrist) - but there were a lot of story markers to choose from. It quickly became apparent that I had to narrow the list down, put my designer's cap on and match charms together into one cohesive theme. Easier said than done - but I think I've managed it! As an admirer of the officially licensed bracelet from the Noble collection ( seen here ),  my intent was to create something equally unique, in silver tones at a great value. Between Fawkes the phoenix and Floo network fireplaces, the bracelet manages to re-create a Hogwarts world, something I know all Potter fans will appreciate!  To see the collection, visit Just Charming!

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