Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farewell Harry Potter Giveaway Winners Part 4

Continuing our short series featuring the winners of the recently concluded "Farewell Harry Potter Giveaway", say hello to...

Emily H. 
with her chosen prize, a pair of Harry Potter Book Earrings
featuring The Deathly Hallows.

When did you start reading the Harry Potter series?
I don't really remember when I started reading them, but I know that my mom bought the first three books - the first a soft cover, and the second two hardcovers, from the Scholastic book catalog we were given to take home every so often in elementary school. After finally getting through the first chapter of the first book, I decided i liked it!

Describe what you like about the prize you chose/received?

They are AWESOME! And I get so many compliments. Also, they have the UK cover on the reverse, which is super cool too!

If money was no object, what item from Just Charming would you really like to have (for your birthday, for Christmas or any special occasion)?
Definitely the Harry Potter Owl "HedPig" Bracelet ! It's super cool! 

Also, one of the Harry Potter Chain Mail key chains:

Besides the main characters, Harry, Ron & Hermione, who do you like (next) best? Why?
Luna, because she's not afraid to be herself, and shes so unique and such a great role model for young people. Also, I feel like I would be really good friends with her.

How does the wizarding world avoid Muggle satellite surveillance?
With Magic of course!

I had the privilege of meeting Emily at Leaky Con 2011. She was attending the conference & took time to meet me at the Leaky Craft Fair. Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Emily. Congratulations once again!


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  1. I'm so jealous I missed this giveaway! Great earrings and fun interview.

  2. All your winners have been so great!


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