Friday, September 21, 2012


PRAISE and APPLAUSE. You can never get too much of it. After week 1, here's what they're saying:

"I just placed my order. The site is easy and fun to use."

"I did find the site easy to navigate once I realized that I had to scroll down the page...duh! fault. I was so excited to receive your email about your new site as I had been checking on Etsy for it."

"The drop-down menus made it easy for me to go either way: custom or existing inventory. I did BOTH! Can't wait to get them!"

Folks, it's great from my end too! The self-guided menus at checkout allow me to spend more time preparing your orders instead of being in limbo trying to guess what you would like. WIN-WIN. 

Kudos to alert customers for mentioning a charm missing from the list in one of the collections and for improving the labels on some photos. Your suggestions are appreciated and lead to improvements site-wide. 

As I systematically attend to your orders, I am once again reminded of the importance of customer service. Word of mouth truly is the best form of praise. I see it on the site daily. And I'm eternally grateful.

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