Thursday, July 26, 2012

It took an Outlandishly Long Time

I started in May (2012). And just now finished. What, you say? The monumental task of re-sculpting the entire Outlander series of Book Beads!

Every book/edition has been re-done. In sharp, crisp, vibrant colors! It's part of the ongoing store remodel. So watch out for new (& old) designs based on Jamie and the gang in the coming weeks. Time to play!


  1. They're so tiny, I can see why they took quite some time! But the results are well worth it, they look great!

  2. The fun part begins: creating with them!

  3. They look good!! and I like how you put a quarter in the photo so we can really see how big or small they are. TFS

  4. Just happy they turned out well....


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