Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Open Letter from an Author
(Reproduced with Permission)

From time to time, I get surprising feedback - in a BIG way. Here's one from author, Nikki Stafford.

Stretch Cuff Bracelet of Nikki's Books

Hi there!
My name is Nikki Stafford, and recently some friends of mine, Ensley and Dale G., had you custom-make a bracelet of 7 books I'd written (5 on Lost, one Buffy, one Angel). They sent it to me as a surprise, and I was floored. Just this morning, Ensley told me you were responsible, and I just wanted to write to say thank you!! It's absolutely stunning, and one of my most cherished possessions. I've always wanted to take the covers of my books and mount them onto the wall, and this is much, much better. I especially love how you put my name on the spines!!

Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much.

All the best,

Nikki Stafford

I'm always happy to hear back from folks. It brings each project back full circle: I can say goodbye to a piece knowing that it's in good hands. Makes all the hard work worth it. Definitely. 

Thanks Nikki, Ensley & Dale  for allowing me to be part of your memories -  even in a miniature way!

Find out more about Nikki and her books at her blog or her Facebook page.


  1. How cool to get feedback like that!

  2. After working on her piece for three weeks, it felt like I knew her (or her work)so it was definitely nice to hear from her in person!

  3. You did such an amazing job! And what awesome feedback to get!

  4. Agreed. Always nice to hear back from someone, specially regarding your work. Like I said, a surprising treat!

  5. Just gave you a Tampa Bay Etsy Crew shout out on my blog. =)


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