Friday, March 23, 2012

ETSY in a nutshell...
a pocket tutorial to buying handmade!

etsy infographic
Source: Visit Here


  1. I do love Etsy. I have 2 different shops. My vintage one is and my handmade jewelry one is Without these shops, it would be very hard for me to stay at home with my son. Even though my sales numbers aren't high, I get a lot of local traffic on my Etsy and I'm able to sell stuff offline. It's kind of funny- on average, for every jewelry sale I have online, I have about 6 offline of things posted in my online shop.

  2. If this doesn't convince folks to buy HANDMADE, I don't know what else will...Cheers!

  3. Thank you very much....It's actually a good summary about etsy and its sellers' and buyers' motives :D

  4. I re-blog this, it's too beautiful


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