Monday, February 13, 2012

"Between the Covers" 
An Outlandish Wall Quilt

courtesy of Susan Leidy

Creative, original design by textile and fabric artisan, Susan Leidy. Can you tell what her favorite book series is lassies?

courtesy of Susan Leidy

She and I are in perfect agreement on MOBY: gotta lobby Herself to use a purple book cover!

According to Sooz, this one was really an experiment to see if what was in her mind could make it out to her sewing and embroidery machine. She added some Outlander-themed pewter charms (my wee contribution), which gave her the idea to add the snake, ribbon book mark and strand of pearls. (She actually cut apart a freshwater pearl necklace to add that). Those of you who know the books will recognize these references. She was lucky enough to find a charm for Scottish Prisoner (set of keys) that was exactly as depicted on the it all came together nicely. 

courtesy of Susan Leidy

Sooz intends to make another one to auction off for the Outlander Fundraiser later this year. (If any of you are familiar with this c/o Mike Gibbs do share some particulars.) She thinks it a worthwhile cause, specially if DG herself endorses it. 

In the mean time, if you would like to inquire about having one made for your wall, drop her a line in the comment box below or e-mail me at I'll be sure to forward your greetings to her.


  1. What a unique fabric wall quilt! Amazing details!! The little worm is so cute :)

  2. Very neat. Love the candle in the middle.

  3. Isn't it interesting.....I had never thought of the "bookworm" concept. My intention was to represent the wooden snake that Willie carved for Jamie which he carried for many years and included in the trunk which made it's way to Brianna in "Echo in the Bone" (and which Brianna herself placed on her bookshelf to guard the letters from Jamie and Claire, thus my placement to guard my beloved books.) However, the "bookworm" reference is just as relevant and illuminating. Thank you all for expanding my interpretation and for your kind comments on my tribute quilt.

  4. Diana's reaction on Facebook when she saw this was "Oh! That's gorgeous! <g>" And she's right. Wonderful job, Sooz, and thanks for sharing the pictures with the rest of us! I love it.


  5. Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous! I want! The book cover colors are spot on and I love the snake, which is always one of my favorite little constants in the books.

  6. This is just beautiful!! I would love to have one. Please tell us more on the particulars how we may obtain one, and at what cost. Great job Sooz!! :)))

    1. Hi, please e-mail me ( with your request and I will forward it to Sooz. She's the best!


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