Thursday, November 24, 2011


The turkey has been consumed. Waistbands stretched. Leftovers inevitable. The sale papers absently discarded as you move on to the next day's sales. 

Braving the crowds at Target today, I came across a childhood comic book favorite: The Adventures of Tintin. Beautifully illustrated, Herge's classics come to life with vibrant colors and funny tales. Brings back memories!

In honor of my DH, who has collected The Adventures of Tintin series since he was a little boy, the Tintin Book Beads have come to life:

The collection includes 12 beloved titles from The Adventures of Tintin series split into 6 books (I’ve collaged different titles in the front (F) and back (B) of each book bead):

1) Secret of the Unicorn (F) with Cigars of the Pharaoh(B)

2) Tintin in America (F) with Tintin in the Congo (B)

3) The Blue Lotus (F) with Prisoners of the Sun (B)

4) Red Rackham’s Treasure (F) with The Seven Crystal Balls (B)

5) Tintin in Tibet (F) with Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (B)

6) Destination Moon (F) with Explorers on the Moon (B)

 The Tintin mini book charms can be used as earrings,

strung on a leather cord necklace,

adorably used as stitch markers for knitting or crochet,

or creatively linked on a thick leather cord bracelet (for men & women):

The applications are only limited by your imagination.Check out Just Charming! for details.

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