Thursday, October 13, 2011

For Sci Fi Lovers: The Doctor is In!


Published since the 1960s, there are literally hundreds of Dr. Who books in print! I tried to choose representatives (and my favorites) from each era, including recently published editions (2005 onwards). The result: a timeless collection for any Dr. Who fan!

The set features seven (7) interchangeable Dr. Who miniature book pendants. The collection includes 13 beloved titles in the Dr. Who series, split into 7 books (I’ve collaged different titles in the front (F) & back (B) of each book bead):
1) Alien Bodies (F) with The Burning (B)
2) The Adventures of Henrietta Street (F) with The Banquo Legacy (B)
3) The Tardis Handbook (F) with The Evil of the Daleks (B)
4) Lungbarrow (F) with Nightshade (B)
5) Illegal Alien (F) with Matrix (B)
6) Wolfsbane (F) with Father Time (B)
7) Interference (F & B)

Constructed of polymer clay, each double-sided book has page ridge detail  etched on three sides. The Dr. Who mini book charms are then sealed, before repeatedly being glazed (minimum 3 coats) to a glossy finish, making them not only durable, but also water-resistant. It takes about 2 weeks, from start to finish, to complete a custom book. With a built-in hole for a headpin, each bead pivots freely and is easily identifiable. 

Check out Just Charming! for more details.

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