Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet the Winners Part 6

The final winner in the recently concluded "Farewell Harry Potter Giveaway", is ...

Emi O
with her chosen prize, a Harry Potter Book Hookmark
featuring The Chamber of Secrets.

When did you start reading the Harry Potter series?
My mom started reading them to me when I was 6 :D

Describe what you like about the prize you chose/received?

I love that it's a bookmark, considering I read all the time. Then the little mini Harry Potter book is just adorable!

If money was no object, what item from Just Charming would you really like to have (for your birthday, for Christmas or any special occasion)?
It's a toss up between the Harry Potter Stretch Cuff Bracelet

the Harry Potter Book Necklace,

and the Lord of the Rings Chain Mail Charm Bracelet.

Besides the main characters, Harry, Ron & Hermione, who do you like (next) best? Why?
Neville. Definitely. His progression through the series is just really great. He's an adorable multi-faceted character that grows as much as, if not more than, Harry.

We were told how people were tested for Apparation, but how are they tested to become Animagi? What animagus would you like to be?
There's probably a whole ministry sector for the testing of Animagi. If I were one, I'd want to be a fox :D

Do you have an online craft store? What do you make and are any items Harry Potter inspired?
Yes. It is called Emi's Creations:

I make ear cuffs, earrings, bracelets, and Harry Potter inspired wands! ^-^
Here's one of my favorites:

That's a wand that I've made out of a chopstick. It's made of Cherry wood and Phoenix feather.

Here's a favorite bracelet. The stars are handmade origami with a clear gloss coating to keep them protected. Other colors available too.
Is your shop a hobby or are you hoping to someday make a career of it? 
It's more a hobby. I can't afford to keep my Etsy shop up, so I just have a Facebook fan page at the moment.

What do you do to promote your shop or online store?
Mostly it's just local at the moment. I have business cards that my friends pass around. I promote through Facebook mostly.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Emi. Congratulations once again to you and all the winners! The next promotion from Just Charming! is now underway and can be accessed through the Giveaway tab under the Welcome section of my Facebook page. 


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