Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Design for Jane

The Sparkling Elegance Chain Mail Bracelet from the Jane Austen Collection

With a dainty off-set double link chain mail pattern and new filigree pewter heart toggle clasp, the Jane Austen Book Bead chain mail charm bracelet has a NEW design! You can select your own charms and the book beads are attached to clasps that allow you to change their positions, wear them or not wear them at all with the bracelet. The faceted crystal AB beads add sparkle and the pearlized barrel beads lend it Victorian elegance. I daresay, Elizabeth Bennett would approve.


The Farewell Harry Potter Giveaway has been concluded. Kindly allow me a week to sort thru all the entries and pick the winners. I will be contacting the lucky individuals by e-mail. Stay tuned.

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